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Frédéric Collette

Senior Java developer - 12 years experience

Frédéric Collette
39 years old
Driver's License
Tokyo (160-0022) Japan
Professional Status
About Me
I have been a back end developer and devops for over 12 years in various industries (IoT, insurance, finance...) and have most enjoyed working in teams where everyone gets involved and adds value to the project.
  • Responsible for technical migration and developments of IoT application L.Holon back-end
  • Software craftsmanship coaching (clean code, continuous testing and deployment, processes building, training session animation, living documentation, technology watch)
  • Research and development for IoT project proposals : hardware contexts with software integration of an open-source IOT platform ThingsBoard
Detailed Description
  • Conception and building of a REST API for L.Holon application
  • Technical environment: Linux Ubuntu, Java 8, Groovy, NodeJs, Maven 3.x, Git, Spring Boot 1.5, Spring Data, jOOQ, MyBatis, Spock, Mountebank, Vavr, Lombok, Cache2k, Jackson, IntelliJ, GitHub, Docker, Jenkins 2, SonarQube, PostgreSQL, PlantUML, Graphviz, Postman
  • Development of an Authentication Gateway to integrate Novell NetIQ Advanced Authentication server
  • One Time Password HOTP/TOTP REST API building integrating Novel NetIQ AA
  • Conception of a containerized CI/CD Java Software factory
Detailed Description
  • Realization of a team blog for living documentation in CI process
  • Java Software factory managing Jenkins 2 declarative pipelines with shared libraries and Gradle
  • Technical environment: Linux Ubuntu, Java 8, Groovy, Gradle, Git, Spring Boot 2, jOOQ, Spock, Mountebank, FlyWay, Vavr, Lombok, Guava, Jackson, IntelliJ, Git, Bitbucket, Docker, Jenkins 2, SonarQube, Nexus, PostgreSQL, jBACK, AsciiDoctor, PlantUML
  • Domain Driven Design overhaul in Java 8 for the document editing module Pegase involving Bdoc Suite software package
  • Integration of a business rules management engine : IBM Operational Decision Manager on Cloud for the insurance warranties pricing automation
Detailed Description
  • Automation of business rules testing via Spock Groovy
  • Technical environment : Windows, Java 8 / J2EE, Groovy, Spring core / flow, Lombok, Selma, Swagger, Spock, Apache FreeMarker, IntelliJ, Eclipse Rule Studio, Apache Tomcat, Oracle, Postman, Bdoc Suite
  • “Cascade” project: workflow of Sales/Trader/Middle office for vanilla derivatives communicated verbally or via FIX messages
  • Technical coordination of a nearshore team (6 developers) based in Bucarest
  • Responsible for the integration and evolution of digitalisation: managing protocols FIX RFQ-HUB, TRADEWEB, BLOOMBERG and proprietary protocol FIX_SG
  • Reducing query run time of OTC and listed options using pricing automation
Detailed Description
  • Transverse development within Cascade project involving two existing applications under Weblogic and interdependent via EJB remote and JMS: “Cascade vintage” and “new cascade”, as well as a new target application
    “Onyx” :

    - “Cascade vintage”, dealing with single-stock futures, OTC and listed futures and option strategies (Presentation layer in JSP/ Tiles and javascript, business layer in Java 6 and Struts 1.x, then retrieving data from an Oracle 10g database with Hibernate)

    - “New Cascade”, managing Equity Link Swap / Dividend Swap / Dispersion Swap / Stock Loan products (separate GUI created with Windows Forms and some Infragistics elements communicating with CXF web services via SOAP or with TIBCO Rendez vous for notifications, business layer in Java 6 and Spring core then retrieving data from an Oracle 10g database with Hibernate)

    - “Onyx”: overhaul of “Cascade vintage” (communication with New Cascade’s GUI via ActiveMQ, REST architecture for micro-services using Java 8 and Spring Boot, combined with Hibernate and Oracle 10g database)
  • Participated in migrating the Cameron FIX engine to Quickfix
  • Providing technical guidance for migrating statistics export batch files via Java (Business Intelligence tools)
  • Helped establishing continuous delivery with Jenkins and Maven based on Puppet templates used in XLDeploy deployment environments
  • Splitting user stories and costing via JIRA
  • Technical support level 2
  • Modernising the external portal for asset management (existing for 10 years)
  • Creating the new multi browser user interface
  • Rewriting user modules: contact requests and document management, password renewal…
Detailed Description
  • Homogenising the graphical layout of web pages in 6 different browsers: IE 7/8/9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
  • Integrating new RIA components with JQuery
  • Building a lightweight framework with jQuery to easily add graphic components and associated events
  • Technical environment: Windows XP, Java / J2EE, Struts 1.X, Javascript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Prototype, Eclipse, MySQL, Firebug
  • Responsible for the OPEN applications (Java/J2EE) as : "CEM"(application for centralising document editing and publication requests), "SD CRE" (real time publication system for insurance events reports), "SAC NI" (proxy server for desktop NEPTUNE dedicated to customer service advisors) and "GEF" (application enabling secure exchanges of business files with partners)
Detailed Description
  • Assessing and integrating external software solutions (archiving PDF documents and pictures, desktop publishing software) for the CEM application
  • Improving the software factory with SVN, and Maven and Ant to automate the previously manual installation of new models for the publication chain
  • Responsible for integrating applications in server SAC NI
  • Assisting with designing and developing a SOA Rest solution with strong authentication for application GEF
  • Writing technical specifications, detailed architectural documents and project suggestions
  • Technical environment: Windows Seven, Java / J2EE, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Spring core, CXF, EJB 3.X, JQuery, JUnit, iText, 3-Heights, Eclipse, SVN, Maven, Ant, JBoss, Apache Tomcat, Websphere, Jenkins, Nexus, MySQL, JMS, MQ Series, Fiddler, Wireshark, SOAPUI, Quality Center
  • SOA overhaul for the insurance software package Masterl
  • Reverse engineering of existing business services written in Magic xpa
  • Developing equivalent business services in Java
Detailed Description
  • Difficulties in modelling business services in an object language (Java) that were initially written in a database language (Magic xpa) without prior specifications
  • Business services in Java exposed via SOAP web service interfaces built from generators in Python and WSDL descriptions
  • Technical environment: Windows XP, Java / J2EE, Python, Spring core, Hibernate, JUnit, Eclipse, Apache Tomcat, Maven, Cruise Control, SVN, Oracle, TOAD
  • Migrating the TCL document management application MODULO into J2EE
  • Improving the multi-frame and multi-window HCI with JSP and Javascript
Detailed Description
  • Solving asynchronism issues with Javascript (without framework) (saving forms while closing them, loading menu trees... )
  • Creating J2EE web filters gradually allowing the redesign of the TCL layers in Servlet/JSP calling JDBC business services
  • Technical environment: Windows XP, Unix, Java / J2EE, Javascript, XHTML, CSS, TCL, DOM, Ajax, XSLT, Eclipse, Apache Tomcat, Rational ClearCase / ClearQuest, MySQL, UML, Firebug
  • Real time tests for embedded systems on Airbus A380 (code coverage, value limits and memory leaks)
  • Passed the aviation quality certification DO-178B
Detailed Description
  • Technical environment: Windows XP, C, Assembler RISC, IBM Rational Test Real Time
  • State of the art dealing with passive attacks against GSM ciphers A5/1 and A5/2
Detailed Description
  • Technical environment: Unix, C, CVS, Mapple